Act Now to Fulfill Your Dream to Speak English
Here are five reasons you should invest time in learning English.

Reason 1: English Brings People Together
There have always been many ideas on why one should learn a new language. Learning a new language has never been a fruitless thing, especially if the language in question is one of the widely used languages all across the world. English is this one language that serves the purpose of communication by bringing people, divided into different geographies, cultures, beliefs and dialects, on a common ground to convey their ideas.

Reason 2: English is the Global Language
Since the last century, English has evolved as a global language and has played a great part in shaping the world, irrespective of the fact whether this reality is ever acknowledged or not.

Reason 3: It is a Beautiful Language with Rich Literature
Not only as a medium to convey ideas but as a language too, English is beautiful. Its literature is one of the best ever known.

Reason 4: English Opens Doors to Knowledge and Development
At the time when the world is restructuring itself, learning English opens the doors of knowledge and development of new skill sets for people. All around the world, especially in developing countries people with English proficiency have an advantage over others in terms of learning as well as employment opportunities. You talk about World Wide Web; English is the primary language there. When it comes to employment, English gives the much needed edge to your candidature.

Reason 5: Knowing English is the basic criteria for immigration to many countries
It is one of the basic criteria for immigration to most of the sought after countries. Be it USA, United Kindgom, or Australia, all these countries need the immigrant to be well versed in the English language.

A word of caution: as a means to access a better life, everybody seems to be getting into 'English only' mode. This is making people to drift away from their mother tongues and their own cultures. That's the time when a line of difference should be drawn between learning a new language and surrendering to it for materialistic gains. We shouldn't forget that it's not the language who uses the people but the people who use the language.

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